The Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence

The Weekend Australian
26 September 2015

Violence against women is unacceptable and must be stopped. It is, by definition, a gender issue. But to make this synonymous with domestic violence is disrespecting to many. And I don’t just mean for men, real or otherwise. I am thinking of children who experience domestic violence, each and every day.

In Australia, tens of thousands of children in divided families experience one of the worst forms of child abuse and domestic violence. They are controlled and coerced by one of their parents into rejecting (and even made to feel fearful of) their other parent. Children are manipulated into hating their mother or father.

The harm to these children is lifelong. Many even attempt suicide as a direct consequence (as do many of their parents, having lost contact with children they love). Let’s not forget these vulnerable and voiceless victims of domestic violence.

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