The Family Law Reform Coalition is an Australia-wide association of groups and individuals working towards major family law reform in Australia and throughout the world. We believe that the current systems in many countries cause great harm to children and to their families and that much better solutions are available. 

Our policy paper “Children in Crisis”, launched on 3 December 2015 at Parliament House in Canberra, outlines our proposals for change.


  • To protect children and parents from severe risks associated with family division – particularly where litigation and family courts are involved – including all forms of violence, abuse and harm;
  • To ensure that children’s rights and needs – especially to maintain a proper relationship with all fit and loving parents, relatives and friends after family separation – are widely understood, protected and observed;
  • To lobby for major changes to the current family law system in Australia and other countries in the interests of children, families and society.


An international community where children’s needs and rights are truly put first whenever families separate and where everyone has the knowledge and understanding to play a part in preventing the psychological child abuse, family violence and trauma that so often accompany separation, particularly when traditional legal and court systems become involved.


    To raise public awareness and to change cultural perceptions of the issues surrounding family separation and divorce, including: the nature, extent and life-long impact of the trauma and various forms of child abuse that so often accompany family separation; the importance of continued shared parenting beyond separation in the majority of families; and the importance for most separating parents of allowing their children to love the other parent;
    To substantially increase professional understanding of the extreme and specific risks to children associated with family separation; to ensure greater professional training, regulation and accountability; and to encourage legal and psychological research;
    To identify and promote the development and use of systems and procedures, as alternatives to the Family Court, that genuinely assist families and protect children through the process of separation and beyond; to reform the existing courts; and to contribute to positive changes in the laws that affect separating families;
    To develop evidence-based policy that will result in better protection of children and parents than current systems and processes;
    To address these issues at a political level and to foster the political will to make changes necessary to protect children at a most vulnerable time in their lives, including necessary reform of the family law system;
    To forge a greater alliance between organisations working nationally and internationally to the same ends.


  • To treat everyone with respect and courtesy;
  • To make accurate, balanced and gender-neutral information readily accessible to the whole community;
  • To support and inspire those who can benefit from knowledge and experience we can share;
  • To make a positive, sustainable contribution to our community;
  • To put the internationally recognised rights and the fundamental needs of children first.

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  1. Two and a half years going through family court with no progress as yet. $240,000.00 legal fees between both parties. Immeasurable damage to our young child. Constant conflict due to relentless litigation and no stability for our child. Entire lives completely on hold with no chance of functioning as normal people or parents. Desperately wanting it to be over but no end in sight. This is not in the best interest of our child.

    • It is 16 years since my two daughters were abducted a second time by the Adelaide Community Health nurse Mother and her nurse boyfriend. I have not seen either since this time and the way it was choreographed forced me to return to the UK. Since then I have been threatened by the local Merseyside Police and had letters off Eversheds. Australia ruined my life. See Oz Rough Justice pages on FB.

  2. I am looking to receive more information regarding this family law reform matter. I am the victim of it and wish the family law could be reviewed as soon as possible so I could be able to reunion with my child before it is too late.

  3. Inspiring stuff. I’m a young campaigner of fair parenting arrangements after divorce, with a “bias” for shared parenting – granted that both parents are capable and willing, of course. Whilst I haven’t been affected by the Family Courts myself (thank god), I do know of people who have had their own unfortunate experiences.
    I really appreciate the aims and the beliefs you stand for. My journey in educating myself on this matter has been fickle with gender-biased language and sentiment. I believe, as you do, that the only way this problem can be fixed is if mutual respect is given to all genders. So thank you for valuing this!
    My own social campaign is called Common Ground; I hope you’ll find my posts insightful if you have the time to look at them.
    Thank you again for your work!



  4. It is time the legal industry was exposed as a train wreck, a derailed disgrace to humanity. The industry must be bought to justice. The family court is a case of self interest professional people raking in families hard earn’t money – instead of practicing honest, considerate and humanitarian methods of justice. It is a wonder that most greedy lawyers sleep at night, knowing the massive destruction their industry inflicts on ordinary families lives. Most lawyers would be woken up with troublesome deep guilt that the system prevails, that which they practice daily.

  5. I had heard just how corrupt, biased and unfair the family law system was, I had no idea just how bad it was, until “No contact” orders were placed against me in April this year, 3 years after having any meaningful contact with my 15 year old daughter! I cannot sleep properly since witnessing this toxic practice from the free legal aid service, provided to my daughters mother, who chooses NOT to work a full time job, for no other reason than to claim her full centrelink entitlements! Their solicitors, ICL,
    Expert court writers and barristers are disgrace to the human race! If the community in general, could see how their tax dollars are squandered on these groups of sick, greedy “{Professionals”, there would be outrage! Don’t even get me started on the Judge! Please, Please, Please, we have got to do something to stop innocent childrens and parents life getting so unnecessarily torn apart.

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