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It has now been 12 years since a comprehensive review of the Family Law system occurred. The current family law system is crumbling under a weight of impossible constraints placed on the judicial system and is fast nearing a complete meltdown.

Enormous harm is being done to Australian families, and of most concern, to Australian children.

The time to act is now. We ask the Attorney-General George Brandis to undertake a major review leading to substantial reform of the Family Court system in Australia.

We ask the Attorney-General to act as a matter or urgency.

Every day more Australian families – and particularly Australian children – are being harmed by court delays, false allegations without penalty and a list of other issues such as child support problems, protracted delays in counselling services and a lack of resources.

This petition calls on all Australians to get behind a new push for a “tectonic shift” to the broken, archaic and aged family law industry and help establish at the very least a comprehensive and meaningful inquiry into a better system.

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